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barrel conversions in your choice of caliber.

A complete barrel conversion using high quality, standard and match grade components, is an excellent way to enhance the appearance, accuracy, and value of any rifle.  The RUGER NO.1 lends itself particularly well to this conversion in the ability of it's action to accommodate even the largest of big bore calibers. 

Refinishing the original action, chambering and installing the new barrel with the finish of your choice, refitting and bedding the forend to the new barrel and remounting the original or custom sights, scope ring bases, quarter rib, sling swivel mounts, etc are the main procedures composing a complete barrel conversion.

Custom Barrel Conversions

Custom Grade - $450.00
Match Grade    - $575.00
Custom Octagon (including custom quarter rib) - $750.00

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Ruger #1 .50 Alaskan

Custom Sights, integral barrel bands, integral sling swivel mounts, custom scope ring bases, and custom quarter ribs are available custom quote only on pricing.

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